Dear Leslie,

It is my pleasure to share this piece with you. There are a few things I would like you to do with it, if it's not too much to ask.

First, I would like you to just get acclimated with the work. Fold and unfold it, put it on, wear it around a bit. What does it remind you of?  How does it make you feel? Is there a certain way you act towards it? Please note these things.

Second, I would like you to carry this piece and the scribe included on a walk. Perhaps this is a walk you frequently take, or maybe it is somewhere new. Take note of your surroundings. What things visually peak your interest? I would like you to stop somewhere that intrigues or captivates you on this walk. Use the scribe to lightly draw on the interior of the necklace. 

The drawing should not be an exact rendering, but an abstract description of the space. How does your eye move around the landscape? What landmarks or gestures stick out to you? Fill the panels in as much as you like. The only space I’ll ask you not to draw on are the two outer panels that show when closed/worn.

Let this drawing be a meditative and peaceful one. Find a bench you like or you may even bring a chair along with you (just make sure you’re comfortable). Once you are finished with the drawing, please send it back to me. I will be finishing the piece—engraving the marks you recorded.

In addition to the piece, please also send any notes you have taken and also a description of the place you drew in.

Thank you so much Leslie for taking this on! I hope you have a pleasant time with the work. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out .


I loved wearing your piece.
It had great weight to it, right on my chest.

As I walked, I felt a light tap. A nice tap

  tap      tap.

    like a heartbeat            
    reminding me that it’s there            
    a comfort

Almost disguised in my black shirt, slippery, but reflective, catching: 

- light
- fingerprints                                             - reflections of my hand
- sound?

I went to: 
        - Mission Trails Regional Park in La Mesa, CA.

I have been to this particular section of the park once before, but not since moving to the area.

I can’t say it’s a San Diego destination, but it is a nice city park with wide walking trails and weird spots where there are strange concrete areas and green sludge. I found a trail to the side, and filmed myself walking on it—along a river. I found a rock to sit on the riverbed (which was partially dried up) to record my surroundings. I also took a video of this. It was a mix of chaos and stillness—flowing water + dried up, cracked dirt.

Plants were:

        alive + dead

        straight + twisted
        bunched + singular
        static + moving

I loved being subtly conscious of wearing your piece. The ‘taps” reminded me it was there, but in a good way. I felt kinda fancy wearing jewelry while walking, but the piece was subtle and minimal enough to not feel self-conscious.

I like the idea of it being a recording device

- feelings/(of one moment in emotional time)
- reflections (always)
- sounds (conceptually)
- surroundings/(one place) landscape

I also like the idea that it has captured this new place that I live—a little strange, but very beautiful nonetheless.

When I recorded my spot, it was almost a blind drawing, following my eyes from plant to plant, down, then up, then down again—my eye moved with the water flowing away from me, up to the trees, then back down to the rocks and grasses.

Thank you for letting me record on this piece—it was a true pleasure!

Please let me know if you need any additional info.