My process exists between boundaries. The studio space is much broader than the confines of my bench. Plein-air is a series just beginning, stemming from my desire to expand the boundaries of my studio and entice the viewer or wearer to engage in the same kind of thought.

Drawing in Erasmus Park in Amsterdam, NL 

Each piece begins with a drawing, taken from a specific moment or scene observed while walking.  

The sketches are brought back to the bench and translated through engraving.
They explore the line between drawing and form while continuing the investigation between object and landscape.

Cropping and tracing the drawing from Erasmus Park

In Erasmus, 2020
Brooch,oxidized and engraved silver, stainless steel 

Like walking, my time spent at the bench is dually public and personal, enabling me to interact with interior and exterior spaces simultaneously.

Drawing on the Schuylkill River Trail with
silver and a scribe


This practice is a way to slow down, letting me discern the nuances of transitional moments.
I want to bring awareness to the importance of observation.

Engraving “On the Schuylkill”

Each time a path is taken, it offers something new, continuing a reciprocal relationship for those who listen and pay attention.

On the Schuylkill, 2020 
Pendant, engraved sterling silver, silk ribbon